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Who we are

SEM is a Russian company which specializes on producing quality and affordable plastic for 3D printers working on FDM and FFF technologies. We started off in 2013 and since then we have not only  managed to establish ourselves on the market, but also gained invaluable experience, improved manufacturing processes and increased our capacities.
Our mission is to provide companies using 3D printing with quality consumables. For this purpose we produce an extended range of plastic threads, among which you can find products to address any task.

Plastic threads for 3D printing by SEM

The SEM assortment line of plastic for 3D printing includes:

  • ABS
  • PLA
  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon
  • Flex
  • HIPS
  • ABS M1
  • PVA and others

Popular types of filaments are available in a wide color palette, including colors with fluorescent and metallic effects.

Why Choose Us

  • affordable price;
  • compliance with all stated specifications;
  • versatility — compatibility with the absolute majority of FDM printers;
  • high quality thread painting;
  • perfect bar geometry;
  • reliable packaging — a reusable bag with silica gel for protection against moisture.

Our Advantages

3D printing is a high-tech and innovative industry. However, it is just not enough to buy a 3D printer. Practice shows that you need high-quality, reliable and affordable consumables to ensure the perfect outcome. SEM 3D printing materials make 3D printing available for all. Together with SEM filaments you can widen your creative horizons, fulfill engineering tasks, visualize your ideas and tackle simple household tasks. Never before has 3D printing been so accessible!

SEM: quality plastic at a profitable price

Do you need new material for creativity or work? Placing an order is easy! You can buy any of the presented plastics directly on this website.
If you would like to make a wholesale purchase, we can offer you favorable conditions. We are also open for cooperation — if you want to become an official SEM representative in your region or a SEM dealer – get in touch with us!
Don’t forget to follow our promotions and special offers — it is another opportunity to make a profitable purchase!
3D printing with SEM: vivid emotions and a predictable quality result at a bargain price!

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